Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The Big Girl Chronicles:  Happy New YOU 2014!!!

My 2013 Year-In-Review reveals some moderate highs… and lows.  Although I didn’t accomplish everything on my list of personal “renovations,” I am glad to mention that there were some things I did succeed in.  So as I begin to revise my resolutions for the forthcoming year I am eager about the challenge to take those improvements and continue to build while re-listing those goals that I missed for the New Year.  The thought of not having achieved a few of those goals I was most excited about can make the New Year seem as though it’ll only be an instant replay of 2013.  I mean, here it is another year and instead of building on this goal I’m still on the ground floor trying to figure out how to get things up and moving.  What is it about this “thing” that I can’t seem to make it happen?

Upon taking a look at the goals I held myself accountable for by writing them down and the record of progress I kept by journaling, I can detail what actions were helpful and what I could have done better.  Comparing the energy I put into those things I conquered successfully, it could be that I didn’t approach each goal with the same intensity and dedication as those that have remained undone.  Uh oh!  I just realized something about myself!  Those things that I felt most intimidated about were overshadowed by some of the “easier” stuff.  I’ll admit it.  I chickened out on maximizing the effort towards accomplishing the more difficult stuff and pacified myself by focusing more on the easier stuff.  A form of self-sabotage.  Once I continue through my list I realize that I must now increase my level accountability for each goal.  My new list of resolutions will include time constraints for each goal.  Time allocated for each goal means that I won’t spend too much time on the easy stuff.

As I read through my record of progress, I also realize that there are some things that I didn’t anticipate having to do to achieve my goal.  Although I had fabulous ideas about what I wanted to accomplish, I didn’t thoroughly research what bringing those ideas into fruition entails.  Seems like such a silly oversight, but it bears mentioning that in order to not set yourself up for failure - or become overly dependent upon “divine intervention” - following the steps of any goal or process from start to finish gives a complete idea of what’s required of you to make it happen before you commit to it. 

A healthy balance of criticism is also necessary in my evaluation of my 2013 performance.  Honestly, there were some things that were beyond my control.  Therefore, I shouldn’t critique myself too harshly in those areas where I did the research, put forth the effort but was short on resources.  The dilemma now becomes whether the goal should be expanded or if the challenge is worth the end result.  In either case, give yourself fair credit where credit is due. 

Having to continue adding the same goal year after year can uncover a need for some soul-searching.  If this goal is something that I feel I want badly enough to continue to give attention to it year after year but to no avail, the question becomes should I continue to try or let it go(?).  Why (other than what I’ve already considered above) is this something I continue in each year?  Am I doing this for my benefit?  Or am I doing this for someone else?  Some honest, personal self-reflection could be all that’s needed to actually end up dumping baggage cleverly disguised as goals and aspirations to make room for things that would actually improve my life and well-being. 

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions?  If you’re like millions of others, your New Year’s Resolutions go something like “to lose the weight and gain more wealth.”  Or kick a bad habit.  While those are some good places to make improvements, I want you to take a more in depth look at what you would really dare to admit that you would want this New Year to make happen for you.  I know there’s something more that would be uncovered if we start peeling back the layers that have kept you floating through life and maintaining the status quo.  Just make certain that you aren’t lugging someone else’s baggage and are being realistic about what it is you want to achieve.  If you’re up to the challenge, why not push yourself to do more than trim off some pounds and ante up the savings?  Find out what’s been holding you back and make your journey more interesting.  Are you ready?  Happy NEW YOU 2014!!!!!