The Big Girl Chronicles:  Embellishments

What woman doesn't enjoy the little extras that make us feel beautiful?  The Big Girl Chronicles Embellishments is a page devoted to all those things cutesy and girly, sophisticated and chic that make being a woman so awesome.  Enjoy!

              This manicure is perfect for fabulous bold colors that are trendy this summer.  

This was a long-lasting mani in such beautiful hues.  I adore how the topcoat darkened toward the tips to make it appear as if it had been sponged on like the ombre technique.  I used Savvy Totally Teal and Deborah Lippman's Across the Universe.

This is a quick peek at my attempt at the new ombre trend.  This manicure didn't photograph nearly as nicely as  it turned out.  If you haven't tried it yet, you can purchase pre-selected polish sets from your local polish retailer or get fancy and create your own from your existing polish stash.  Have fun! 

On my most recent (window) shopping excursion at a local bargain store I came across these beautiful finds that would definitely have made it to check-out had I have been gainfully employed.  Alas, even in the bargain store these items were still unaffordable.  The beautiful craftsmanship of the serving bowls in the upper right corner would add a touch of class to any occasion.  To purchase the complete set would cost over $100.  If you're hosting a book club or other small social gathering, the tea server set in the upper left hand corner does double duty as an interesting conversation piece with the beehive design.     The price tag for that set  - $65.  And the beautiful decanter pictured above is so sophisticated and chic that it was hard to pass up.  To make this beauty mine would have cost $99.  And it was so hard to leave it there.

This is layered sparkle that doesn't photograph nearly as gorgeous as it actually is...and so much fun to wear.  That's Savvy's Totally Teal with China Glaze Polarized and topped with Orly Flash Glam in Spazmatic!  SparkleMania!

This featured manicure is Essie's Armed and Ready polish accented with rhinestones.  I playfully refer to this nail art as "martini on the rocks."  Get it?  The rhinestones look like ice in a drink... never mind.  

You are viewing handmade beaded jewelry by yours truly.  These two bracelets with matching earrings are fabulous alternatives to genuine pearls when you want the opulence and look of genuine,classic pearls but can't afford the expense.  The magenta set is accented with genuine swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads and clasps.  The classic beaded look of pearls is also accented with genuine swarovski crystals have genuine copper beads and clasps, giving them a timeless appeal.  These pieces can be the perfect accent to a formal wardrobe or dress up a casual ensemble.  

Beautiful nails are just a part of being fabulous!  Have you joined the millions of ladies who've developed a fetish for nail polish?  Here's a photo of of my nails coated in Savvy's Chocolate with a layered topcoat of Orly's Watch It Glitter and  So Go-Diva.  Kind of looks like a collage of pennies, old and new.  

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