The Big Girl Chronicles:  Poetree
The Big Girl Chronicles heralds poetry as a timeless form of expression that appears to be taking a hiatus among the new age of literary culture.  Romantic rhyming words, angry dialogue... no matter the intent, this page is dedicated to literary expression.  

Pretty Lies
You see me
But your love is blind
You love me in spite of
And for all time
You speak these words
Of love and devotion
And sing a song
Cascading emotion
You love me
In and out of time
Promises -
Playing tricks with my mind
I indulge and fantasize
Consume your words - Pretty Lies

I close my eyes
We embrace and kiss
Never have I felt
Passion such as this
Giving and receiving-
Reciprocal bliss
Unyielding affection
You - my weakness
Whispering words
The truth disguised
Very kind, but Pretty Lies

I see, I hear
I inhale your scent
Refusing to relent
My heart is yearning
My energy spent
Yet I’m awaiting the bait -
The next comment
Holding my breath
To hear the next song
Partaking of you
All day long
Unashamed of what I am
Reality’s fool
Diving headfirst
Into a drowning pool
What I despise the most
Now I crave - my prize
Eternal vows of Pretty Lies

The Fantasy That Is You

Beautiful Black Man
I adore your strong hands
Those hands
As they explore and pry
I whimper and sigh
And remind myself to breathe
While those hands are accompanied
By your perfectly shaped lips

Those lips
Alternating between gentle and exotic kiss
Parting for the tongue to provide
Some up and down, side to side
Back and forth they glide
I am receptive, opened wide
Intensity surmounts inside

But not yet…

I prepare to indulge your masculinity
Your masculinity
Surrounded by my intimacy
I cannot fully express it poetically
But to state it plainly
Our erotic rhythm
Passion - gaining momentum

I crave infinite ecstasy
While at this second
This minute
This hour
Surrendering my femininity
To the POWER of YOU

The black is the best man
Shoulders broad, wide-spanned
Strong features
Royal, grand
With such magnificent, powerful hands
That appreciate this woman’s body
And  COMMAND the tempo of the ride
You thrust, I contract
Our essence collide
In and out, up and down
Smoothly it slides
It’s so warm inside
Your moan and groan
Stimulates me, turns me on
Spiraling me into perpetual bliss
Together we arrive
Where sensuality abides
And utopia thrives
Partake of one last kiss
As we plummet
From this summit
And land limp in each other’s arms
Holding on and gasping
Savoring the sensations
Resisting its passing
There’s no need to fantasize
As I embrace you with my eyes
And fall in love all over again
With YOU

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