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The Big Girl Chronicles:  You Said A Mouthful…

Is it just me?  Or do some of the things that are reported in the world make no sense?  “You Said A Mouthful” is a brief response to some of the current events reported in the news.

June 2014

I wasn't quite sure what I could post about the passing of who I consider one of the matriarchs of my generation.  Nothing I can say that hasn't already been spoken by those that were closest to her and appreciated her work and words as much as I have from afar.  Nothing that would even matter.  After all, who am I to anyone? Yet, as I remember the interviews and what she has shared of her life, I feel compelled to acknowledge that she made a difference here, too. Maya Angelou is a wisdom that fortunately for us has left a plethora of literature and knowledge that we can meditate on as we continue to shape our lives and those that we influence.  There are some who are the voice of reason to those who the world looks upon as the most notable and thought-provoking intellects, and it seems that she has been one of those people.  Her work, achievements and recognitions are a legacy that will keep her alive well beyond a mortal passing.  And I am glad that I took notice of her and appreciate what she has to share.  Well lived, Dr. Maya Angelou. 

July 2013

Just another one...
The acquittal of George Zimmerman is not at all surprising.  Although I had hoped for a guilty verdict, the moment the question about who was really screaming for help in the background of the 911 call came into play I felt there would be no justice in this trial.  Forget the comments George Zimmerman made and the fact that he pursued that child despite the 911 Operators instructions that he not. The truth is that the value of life in this country seems to remain based upon a system of class and color.  Amid all the outpouring disgust and anger, one thing you can honestly do in all the threats of upseating our politicians and public officials is take a long honest look in the mirror.  Too much time and attention is spent making an ass out of your peers that when the time comes to unite for a legitimate reason you've lost a good many people because you've deemed them to be not as valuable a citizen or human being or whatever based upon reasons that don't really amount to anything in a time like this.  Until we can treat each other with the respect we demand from another, we will continue to be victims of our own ill behavior.  Now we'll again have to hope for some form of justice if there's a civil trial.  Why couldn't justice come the first time around? 

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Oops…Did I Say That?
Another celebrity has been exposed for use of “the word.”  We pretend to be shocked and start our analogies and excuses for why someone would ever say exactly what’s on their heart.  After listening to the news coverage and talk show discussions, I’ve decided that what Paula Deen did was perfectly normal although it is having a lethal effect on her career.  If someone were to say, “I wish we could revisit the 80s,” or “Things were so much better when ______” (you fill in the blank), most of us wouldn’t give it a second thought.  The truth is that the era of slavery was an ideal time for many.  Not everyone has pleasant recollections of that time, but the culture that was born from that time still has significance in the lives of some people.  Of course it is in poor taste to use racial slurs.  Of course I’ll not support someone who is so culturally challenged and insensitive that she would both use “that word” and make distasteful remarks about a person’s color.  And Paula Deen has made it very clear who she is and that although her endorsements have been snatched and her show has been dropped, she doesn’t care what you think about it.  She isn’t changing.  Her apology isn’t for what she’s done.  She apologizing that you’re offended.  I suspect she’s made much more money than most of us could ever have hoped to make.  And whereas much has been taken from her, I’d bet you any amount of money most of those that are part of her fan base and have supported her will continue to. So, all we should really have to say about this is “Paula Deen, it’s good to see you.”  Next.

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June 2013

NSA spying
From the moment you walk outside of your door you are under constant surveillance.  There are cameras that can send you tickets for running a red light or speeding.  There are cameras watching as you shop.  And let’s not forget the granddaddy of them all – that big satellite in the stratosphere that can hone in right up to your front door.  So why are so many people living under the illusion of anonymity on the internet?  I was not the least bit surprised by Edward Snowden’s “leak.”  After the horrific acts of terrorism to which we have fallen victim, honestly I’d be more disappointed if there weren’t some form of monitoring.  And I think Edward Snowden is intelligent enough to discern that as well.  So my concern then becomes what could it be that Mr. Snowden knows that he isn’t telling us that would lead him to give up his career and flee?  We’ve learned that there are claims of hacking and spying on other countries, but that isn’t anything surprising either.  And the equipment and intelligence that’s used has had to be developed and tested and upgraded.  So, it’s likely that this kind of thing has been going on quite some time.  I know it’s cliché, but this is one of those “Things that make you go Hmmm…”  It’s like something from Enemy of the State. What the crap is going on in the government?

I’ll admit that I’m a fan of Chad Ochocinco.  I’m in no way condoning his behavior with regard to Evelyn Lozada, who I also have a fondness for.  But with regard to the Almighty Judge that impulsively slapped a 30 day stay in jail on Chad’s butt…Was that really necessary?  What exactly is her message?  The others in the courtroom were laughing, including Chad’s attorney.  So…Why you mad?  I know it isn’t any of my business.  I don’t reside in that state.  I’m not among the citizens of that state whose money will go towards footing the bill for this very wealthy man’s expenses because the judge couldn’t lighten up for a millisecond and realize that Chad had indeed taken the entire ordeal very seriously and was merely excited knowing that he had received the mercy he had negotiated through the courts.  Nope, it’s none of my business.  But I’m just saying…

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January 2013
Transitioning from the system
As I learn how the system of poverty operates, I notice some things that could be useful in helping those that are lifelong recipients transition to self-sufficiency.  There are many programs that offer assistance with skills such as building a resume, professionalism and other areas centered around job-readiness.  It would seem that taking things a step a further and actually employing these individuals in the programs that serve them would not only prove their success, but actually give other recipients motivation to want to transition from the system.  What better way to model ideal citizens than to have a visible point of reference from a peer!

Replace textbooks with EReaders
After having purchased countless backpacks throughout the school year to replace those that have worn from those huge elementary textbooks that my children have to lug to and from school each weekday, I’m completely sold on the idea of having EReaders replace those enormous textbooks.  The textbooks that the children are responsible for are too heavy.  Rolling backpacks are a solution, but can be risky to other childrens’ safety and awkward for children to manage.  Think of how much could be accomplished with EReaders instead!  Schools could lessen costs tremendously by not having to use paper to send notes.  Those notes could be uploaded on the EReaders along with the parent/teacher web portals that some schools provide online. Managing text electronically would be considerably less expensive than having to buy the actual textbook.  This would further acquaint children with technology that each will likely have to learn more about in the future.  And…it just makes sense. 

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December 2012

Gun Violence
The tragedy of Sandy Hooks was horrendous.  Thoughts and prayers are continually wished upon the families of the victims of that tragedy.  However, whereas we were focusing on gun control as a potential solution to lessen the likelihood that such would reoccur, we have instead been redirected to arm school officials, putting more weapons in circulation and funneling more money into the NRA and other supporters who manufacture and distribute weapons.  Is there something I’m not understanding here?  Because I don’t understand how this would help.  It would seem that the individual who would aim to do such a thing now has a primary target as well as secondary targets.  That person is going to go get the one with the gun first. 

Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective
Each of us has a responsibility to assist in managing and preserving our world.  In light of such, we should continually reevaluate how much waste we are producing and how we can minimize pollution.  With that in mind, tumblers have become hugely popular as giveaways, as well as having been spotted as trendy options to traditional coffee cups on daytime talk shows.  These stylish tumblers are sturdier alternatives to those we get at fast food restaurants, able to accommodate both hot and cold beverages, are sold in 16 oz size and larger, are available for about $3 or less in your local dollar stores and can be washed and reused.  Why not have restaurants extend a discount to patrons who bring their own container?  This would help conserve resources and minimize waste while encouraging environmental responsibility.  The restaurants would also save by having to purchase fewer paper products.  Starbucks has paved the way by offering a comparable service.  When are other franchises going to get on board?  How about it?

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