Monday, August 20, 2012

The Big Girl's Guide to Dating

The Big Girl Chronicles:  The Big Girl’s Guide to Dating

Calling Mr. Right!  Calling Mr. Right!  I’ve been waiting for you!  Instead of Mr. Right I’ve gotten Mr. Unemployed.  Mr. Weed Head.  Mr. Immature.  Mr. Momma’s Boy.  Mr. Vain.  Mr. Baby Mama Drama…  The list is endless.  The sum total of all the above equals Mr. WRONG.  What am I doing wrong?  Let’s make a checklist.
Who to date?
Let’s see.  I want a man with the body of a greek god and a bank account that rivals the wealthiest of the wealthy.  He must be at least 6’3 and five pounds within his ideal weight.  Absolutely no preexisting health conditions.  No outstanding debt.  Gainfully employed.  College graduate.  Upwardly mobile and owns his own home.  Has all his teeth.  A gentleman and irresistibly handsome.  Hmmm... I’ve just excluded two thirds of the male population.  I think my first problem is that I’m not being realistic about who I should date.  This list is pretty ideal, but it’s highly unlikely that I’m going to get all these wonderful qualities in one man and still be young enough to enjoy his company.  The phrase “stay within your own dating pool” strangely seems to come to mind.  And a little give and take could be helpful, too.
How soon do we date?
Okay, I went on a date once with this really obnoxious guy.  I remember the entire date I felt as though my time were being held hostage.  All I wanted to do was end it as soon as possible.   I think I could’ve avoided wasting my time had I taken more time having a conversation with this guy before we went out.  So definitely more emails and phone calls before we go out.  As much time as it takes to get a good feel for who I’m going out with should I decide he’s worthy of that privilege.
What’s a date?
There are so many creative ways to date and get to know someone better.  I think a “new” date should be something like breakfast or coffee.  Meet up at a library, bookstore or museum.  Spend as little money as possible until you’re sure the company is worth the value.  That way I’m not lulled into the monotony of the traditional dinner and a movie.  I’ve spent time learning more about this person’s mind and we’ve entertained each other.
This seems like a pretty fair start to begin my search for Mr. Right (again…for the umpteenth time).  If nothing else, I’ll have a lot more to share about the disasters…or possible success…in the awesome world of single life. 

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