Monday, October 1, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Big Girl Chronicles:  Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I know that you’ve been paying attention to your health.  I know this.  However, another  October has come upon us and we must remind ourselves to not take our ta-tas for granted.  You’ve been doing your self-checks and going to the doctor to get your annual mammograms.  Take this month to focus on awareness.  If you have a family member who has had a breast cancer scare, you’re aware that family history increases your risk.  Therefore, you must begin preventive measures early.  Encourage those who haven’t yet begun to practice routine checks and mammograms to do so.  Support those who are fighting cancer by participating in activities such as walks and other rallies to raise funds toward finding a cure.  Below are a few of the resources available toward the cause:

The Susan G. Komen Foundation

American Cancer Society

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Pink Ribbon (every order funds mammograms for women in need)

If you are struggling with breast cancer yourself and your fight has been ongoing, make time to prepare a living will or power of attorney over healthcare for those times when the chemotherapy and treatment could compromise your ability to make healthcare decisions.  If you dare, start your own drive to raise funds and awareness to support breast cancer research.  All that you do to help will be appreciated. 

Ladies, don’t take your body for granted.  Love yourself enough to invest in your health.  Celebrate a survivor and be a supporter of breast cancer research. 

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