Monday, January 14, 2013

The Big Girl's Guide to Fitness Motivation

The Big Girl Chronicles:  The Big Girl’s Guide to Fitness Motivation

 I’m getting to that age when I can’t take my body for granted anymore.  That rotund twenty year old derriere, along with some other body parts that will go unmentioned, is beginning to lose its battle with gravity.  Add to that those health concerns that you once thought were only applicable to “old people.”  You know the ones.  Hypertension.  Diabetes.  All that other stuff that comes with a decrease in metabolism and manifestation of unhealthy eating habits.   Trying to get it under control is kicking my “sagging derriere.”  But I have to put things in perspective.  The very first thing the good doctor will tell you after he hits you with that lifestyle-altering diagnosis will probably have a lot to do with diet and exercise.  So if this seems familiar to you, why not try to get a jump on it before it “jumps” you?

Increased activity is probably one of your most effective deterrents with regard to hypertension and diabetes.  Of course it’s understandable why you don’t exercise.  You’re a busy mom.  Careerist.  Whatever.  Maintaining your ideal weight will help keep you around to enjoy your kids and career.  Start off gradually.  Try 15 minutes a day.  Take a brisk walk and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Rainy day?  There are so many resources these days that you don’t even have to leave your home if the weather has other plans or you feel a little self-conscious.  You can buy some home instructional workout dvds at places like your local dollar store or general store for less than the cost of a magazine.  Need even more inspiration?  Set your workout to music by creating a playlist with your favorite dance tunes and get moving.   

After you’ve had that exhilarating workout, now comes the really hard part – paying attention to what you eat.  Who wants to say “no” to a good burger or pizza?  More than likely, not eating these things in moderation is what got us to this point in the first place.  Resolve to practice a healthy balanced diet that gives you room to cheat occasionally based upon your progress.  Make healthy choices for meals that don’t undo all that you’ve accomplished.  Avoid stuffing yourself with junk food and snacks and make water your best friend.  It’s 100% useful for your body and doesn’t leave any unwanted calories.   Whatever it is you crave, ask yourself first if it’s worth the calories you’ll have to work off after you indulge.

Whether you’re trying to recoup from baby weight, fight off health scares or just feel better about your body, the process doesn’t have to seem like excruciating punishment.   Approach your health goals with a positive attitude and keep your mind set on your end result.  I’ve even taped a picture of myself to my wall of when I felt the most pleased with my weight and shape to inspire myself.  Give yourself and your body the attention you deserve to shape yourself into the best person you can become! 

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