Friday, May 10, 2013

The Big Girl's Guide to Single Life

The Big Girl Chronicles:  The Big Girl’s Guide to Single Life
No matter what the reason, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, a time comes in life where we find ourselves “between relationships.”  The drought of intimate companionship has been a source of heartache for centuries.  And we have nursed our loneliness by purchasing innumerable books, movies and those dreaded love-gone-wrong songs relating to the subject.  Our drive to find someone to fill that void can lead to another unfulfilling relationship that all too soon finds us right back where we began.  To cushion the periods of “in between” dating, consider trying to refocus on what’s available to you and how you can better yourself for that next meaningful relationship.   
Make wise use of your spare time by doing things that spark your interest – no date required.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter, humane society or other organization.  Seek out an internship or part time gig that could not only distract you from your loneliness but beef up your resume as well.  Taking the focus off of you and putting that energy into something else is the best way to overcome the “blah” side of single life. 
Master a hobby
Take some classes to master a hobby or trade that could possibly earn you some money in the long run.  Whether it’s making jewelry, giving swimming lessons or piecing together a website, it’s never a waste of time making money.  A vegetable garden could lend an opportunity to earn some cash at your local Farmers’ Market.  Love to bake?  Why not take some time cooking your favorite goodies and host a bake sale?  Tap into those talents that you overlook and use them for your pleasure and pockets! 
Start a club
Spend time with friends and make new ones by joining or starting a book club or dinner club. Widening your social circle will not only occupy your spare time with meaningful social interaction, but also increase your chances of meeting someone with similar interests.  Host a bbq, movie night or plan a gathering at a recreational park to enjoy some outdoor activities.
Do A “YOU 5.0” Upgrade
Use your “in between” time to make some improvements.  Take some time to tone up that body and uncover a svelte, sexy you.  Then do a little mini makeover with a new hairstyle or color, cosmetics and some new clothes to show off that well earned physique. 
Your downtime from relationships can be therapeutic if you take some time to focus on meaningful changes that could make life more fulfilling.  Instead of focusing on all the things you it seems you can’t do, focus on the things that you can dive into without having someone else compete for your spare time.   Enjoy!

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