Friday, June 21, 2013

4th of July the LISP (Low Income/Single Parent) Way

The Big Girl Chronicles:  A Fourth of July Holiday the LISP (Low Income/Single Parent) Way

As I was tossing around ideas to commemorate the 4th of July with my children this year, I was again left slightly downhearted that my ambitions far exceed my budget.  Commemorating this holiday the “Big Girl” way, I would want to visit Mt. Rushmore or take the kids to visit one of the first towns.  However being grounded by lack of funds, I began to prepare the same old same as we usually do during holidays.  While making plans to entertain, I had to stop and ask myself if I want to do just another holiday of eating all the traditional foods or revisit the reason why we set aside the date to celebrate.  Sure they understand that we celebrate our emancipation. But what more can we learn about this occasion?  The next best thing to venturing to these historical landmark destinations (and the most budget-friendly option of course) is to bring history to our home.  These are some of the ideas I came up with to include more of the history behind the holiday – the Low Income/Single Parent (LISP) Way.

Keep it educational.

One fun way to make certain that your child continues learning while celebrating is to visit your local public library ahead of time and check out some books about Independence Day.  Depending upon age range, decide if you will do a short storytime on the actual holiday or prepare some discussion for that day.  

Put it on the menu.

Another way to incorporate more of the original holiday in your celebrating is to include some dishes that could have been popular around that time in your menu.  Cuisine believed to have been popular then include more seafood rather than our traditional red meat feasts.  This would be a great way to shake up the family bar-b-que!

Challenge the “fun.”

My children like most kids are little social, hyper-energetic super-excited beings that love to be surrounded by their peers.  A quick fix would be to rent a movie.  And although that’s included in our festivities, I thought it would be more interesting to challenge their creativity and have them all organize a reenactment relevant to the holiday. Flip on the video camera and you have not only preserved another irreplaceable family moment but have something to add to family reunion entertainment that gives you bragging rights.

For more information about fun facts and activities to help add something extra to your traditional festivities, you can visit the following websites:

Family Education

Make this 4th of July celebration your most memorable yet by adding more cultural significance to your traditional BBQ and fireworks! These suggestions will continue the learning throughout the summer months without challenging your budget. Have Fun!

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