Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Big Girl Chronicles TURNS ONE!!!

The Big Girl Chronicles BIRTHDAY!!! 

While our country is pausing to commemorate its independence, The Big Girl is also celebrating one year in the Blogosphere!  I would like to take this opportunity to extend a Thank You to all who have taken a moment to entertain posts from my blog.  Emotional Maturity… Self-Love and Acceptance… Healthy Perspectives… Relationships… Flirting… FUN… These are a few of the things I’ve explored and included on my blog week after week.  To commemorate this milestone, I’ve decided to take a moment to reflect upon my blog activity.

The Big Girl’s Year In Review

My very first post “Overcoming Divorce” was in many ways a beginning from an ending, if that makes any sense at all.  Having found myself facing a divorce, I realized just how unprepared for life on my own I was.  I’d not matured very much.  Nor had I planned.  What I had managed to do was meander from one role to another and from one state of dependence to another, getting by.  

Additionally, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the accompanying change in lifestyle.  Living at this level of poverty has been a “wowing” experience. Resources that make managing limited income month to month a little easier have been described in what I refer to as the LISP (Low Income/Single Parent) Report.   Being made aware of how decisions made in government directly affect these resources makes it more important than ever to pay attention to politics and the news.  In between reports about the job market and economy there were other stories shared that were so compelling I had to include my 2 cents, and did so in You Said A Mouthful…

Among the most valuable of realizations I’ve had is that I am a resource within myself.  To minimize dependence, you have to “get your hustle on.”  Those talents that you possess can be used to help tie ends together when income is uncertain. Embellishments not only provided a snapshot of beautiful things I wish I could afford to purchase and trendy little inexpensive “happys”, but also hobbies and interests that haven’t been fully explored.  “Creative Income” can make a world of difference.  Although I haven’t sold handmade jewelry recently, that’s definitely a skill worth keeping.

Taking time to reconnect with old associates and/or establishing a new network of friends isn't always easy.  After having been uprooted from a life I expected to have settled in, there have also been changes in who I’m friends with.  The task can be made easier with activities like the Booklovers.Club (and I have such a renewed appreciation for my public library!)or a dinner club.  Whatever activity that is both inexpensive and socially rewarding is definitely a “do.”  

Other pages I’ve added like Spotlight help celebrate the accomplishments of others.  It’s so important to not be so self-absorbed in unpleasant circumstances that I can’t be happy for anyone else.  Snippets and Poetree are fun ways to play around with my creativity. 

Ultimately, I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be from this blog’s point of origin to this present time.  Not physically.  But I can’t truthfully deny that there has been tremendous personal growth.  What the future holds is yet to be told.  But unlike before when I was waiting on my future to happen to me, this time I expect to happen to it.  Hope you’ll be following!

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