Monday, April 14, 2014

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

The Big Girl Chronicles:  National Child Abuse Prevention Month

I’ve compared statistics about child abuse in America.  I’m saddened at reviewing the numbers not just because there are so many but also because I realize that those statistics are only cases that have been reported, meaning that there are still however many more children out there who continue to suffer abuse.  I’m sure growing up you were aware as a child of something not quite right with a friend, fellow classmate, neighbor or peer that you later learned could possibly have been abuse.  Now as adults we have taken on the potential horrors that our parents once endured with the possibilities of abuse of our children away from the home.  Or that someone else’s child – one of our children’s peers, friends, a neighbor or classmate – is quietly being abused.  As with many unpleasant thoughts it’s easy to instead practice avoidance on the subject and distant our minds from the possibility that some child we know could be subjected to abuse, much less the thought that it could be your own child.  The truth of the matter is that if we are to do everything within our power as parents and responsible adults to help diminish child abuse, the first step is awareness.  We can educate ourselves about signs and symptoms of potentially abused children and what those different forms of abuse are.  Then we can get involved and properly report anything that seems legitimate.  Among the most important of steps we can take to diminish child abuse is educate our children, and to begin doing so at an early age.  Professionals have suggested talking with children about what is considered “good touching” and what kinds of touching are inappropriate. Arming your children with knowledge is one of the most important measures that can be taken to prevent your child and others from becoming victims of abuse.  

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