Friday, February 15, 2013

Black History Month Tribute

The Big Girl Chronicles:  Black History Month Tribute
“Since science has not yet found a cure for adolescence, the best we can do is give the only real antidote for immaturity – experience.”  Thomas Sowell, Economist

This quote from Thomas Sowell is the very reason why I’ve remained a “Big Girl.”  There were life lessons that were handed down from the wisdom of earlier generations that I ignored.  The immaturity of those years has come with a price.  My present.  I am left now with a vision of what I hope to achieve in my future and so much time wasted.  If I had applied the insight that was being shared and studied the role models that were resources for me to pattern from, I would already be the woman that I now strive to become. 

However, the time squandered has not been a total loss.  I’m reminded of a quote someone once shared with me:  “Bought sense is the best sense.”  And from what Thomas Sowell has surmised, an immature adolescent mind can be corrected with experience. If you have found yourself fallen short of your potential for whatever reason, you too can begin a path toward what you would consider ideal for the person you hope to be.  This is how I began my journey.

Be cautious of what advice you take.

I know this principle seems simple enough.  However, sometimes minds that haven’t matured can get lost in advice from people who haven’t a clue themselves.  If you have questions about who is credible and who isn’t, take two things into consideration to help you decide. (1) Is the advice you’re being given divisive, discouraging or pessimistic? Anyone that has your best interests in mind won’t place limits on your potential.  And as a race of people, we certainly didn’t get where we are today with an attitude that we weren’t capable of achieving our collective goals.  So if someone is trying to convince you of why you shouldn’t rather than encouraging you to explore your ideas and potential, you might want to seek advice elsewhere.  What you want is nurturing and guidance.  Not someone to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do and make choices for you, but rather enhance your ability to make the best choices for yourself.  And…(2)Learn from the mistakes of others.  There are some people whose lives exemplify the power of positive influence and wise choices.  They have an abundance of wisdom to share because they have lived what you are yet trying to learn.  Listening to what went wrong and what helped can propel you closer to achieving your desire outcome. 

Take an active role in your growth.     

Chances are you haven’t gotten very far sitting and waiting on something to happen for you.  If you feel yourself worth the effort and investment, then make things happen for you.  Take the time to assess your strengths and how those strengths could be used to help you develop.  Go out and find ways to apply yourself.  Find experiences that would benefit your growth.  I once heard it said that someone lived their life “on purpose,” and that’s a good frame of mind.  Be intentional.  Plan.  And have each action count for something. 

Don’t become your mistake.

Growth is a learning process.  Mistakes should be expected and in fact are very necessary.  However, learn from your mistakes and move on.  Don’t become your mistake and make it a staple in your future.  There are times when there will be failures, but don’t become the failure and allow it to define  who you are.  Salvage whatever you can from a mistake or failure, refocus and continue towards your predetermined destination. 

Striving to become a better person and explore your potential at any age is challenging.  Approaching your journey with the right frame of mind will lessen the disappointment that can come from not having paid attention to the wisdom of others at the beginning.  But don’t lose heart!  Regain focus and begin to cover your ground.  Ready?  Lights…Camera…Action!  Spotlight’s on YOU!

*The thoughts expressed in this post were inspired by my interpretation of the quotation noted above.  However, Mr. Thomas Sowell should in no way be held responsible for the contents of this post.

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