Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Big Girl's "Bad Girl" Makeover

The Big Girl Chronicles:  The Big Girl’s “Bad Girl” Makeover

*This post is rated R.  It is intended for adult views only.

As Love’s Holiday falls upon us, couples are buying all kinds of gifts to shower upon that special love interest on the big day.  Most will enjoy an evening of romance night-capped with some nookie.  Ladies, if you have a man that’s been extra special and considerate (not just on this occasion, but most of the time), why not make plans to reward him with a night of fantasy?  The following is the Big Girl’s personal guide to a “Bad Girl” makeover.

It’s his night.

By now you’re pretty much in tune to what turns your man on.  What you want to do is up that 200% to make this a night he’ll remember and be a very good boy in hopes of experiencing again.  We know that men are extremely visual, so the first item on your agenda will be to select attire for the night.  The focus is on him. Although that thong is extremely uncomfortable, if he likes the idea then it’s a “do.”  You could get away with some really feminine lingerie from a department store or venture further to the adult store and buy something that will create the illusion he would appreciate.  Go all out with the garter, wig, hose and pole if need be.  Who knows.  You could just earn yourself a little change for your performance.   

Ambience. Check.

The next thing on your checklist is to set the mood.  This is mostly for you, ladies.  Whatever will get you into “character” is what you should aim for.  Candles and subtle lighting might make you more comfortable with your attire if you’re like me and have some baby fat and bulges that keep you shy about baring all.  Theme music that will put both of you in the mood for a sultry seduction or up tempo striptease should be loaded on your playlist in advance to give you time to rehearse or visualize what you plan to do. 

Lights. Camera. Action!

Need some study aids for what kind of show you want to do but too shy?  Check out some romance novels at your local library that have some pretty heated erotic reading for ideas.  There are of course the obvious adult movies if your man likes that raw, “straight to the point” approach.  Or let your man’s favorite female idol do all the work.  Pop in a video or movie featuring one of his favorites and the two of you can tag team to create a journey to Fantasy Island.  Add in some extras like flavors the two of you like.  Pour it all over each other to devour together.  Include some fruit and have a yummy time.  Feeling particularly bold?  Set up a camera to watch your performance and get some ideas for another time.

The morning after.

Once you’ve achieved your goal for the evening, continue to appreciate each other.  Follow up with a nice warm, bath or shower together and breakfast in the morning.  Send him a thank you note, text or voicemail making reference to the special night that the two of you had and how lucky you are to be a part of his life.    

The above is the mild version of what could turn into an explosive night of passion.  Each experience doesn’t have to be the same.  Experiment until the two of you find what other pleasures are lurking in the corners of your mind.  Yet in the midst of your sexual excursion together, be responsible.  Take precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancies and practice safer sex with the use of condoms.  Happy Valentine's NIGHT!!!

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