Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black History Month Tribute

The Big Girl Chronicles:  Black History Month Series 

“A negative attitude is a true handicap.”  -Crenner Bradley, mother of Mayor Thomas Bradley

Many times when we think of a handicap, we envision wheelchairs and prosthetics.   This quotation speaks of the mental handicap that in many ways can be far more profound.  That mental handicap is simply a negative attitude.  You probably know someone who is a victim or their own handicap.  Ever tried to promote positive change or introduce something that would be constructive?  That person who says, “Nobody’s gonna participate in that,” or follows through with actions and other statements that quench the effort before you’ve even begun to try, that’s the negative voice that has been a hindrance to a productive rate of growth and progress. 

The challenge isn’t in changing the thoughts of a person with negative thinking, which is the product of a negative mind.  A better question to pose is “Why do we take heed to negative thinking?”  Think of how much we as a people have accomplished throughout the years.  The oppression that has been overcome – and over which we continuously struggle – began with a root of negative thinking that was embedded in our subconscious.  The leaders that have assisted us in being freed from structured racism in society should be called upon for a reawakening to address the mental oppression that remains.  Mental oppression and a negative attitude are evident when a person neglects their potential because of a “they won’t let us” or “we can’t” attitude.   None of what has been accomplished could have happened if we had submitted to a self-defeating, negative way of thinking.   

Although the month that we have designated as Black History Month has come to a close, let’s continue to honor our ancestors and our heritage by making these past accomplishments a part of our daily lives.  With each day and in all that we do, let’s consider how we can contribute to the work that they have begun.  Continue to challenge negative or backward thinking that serves no purpose other than to quench efforts to progress and grow.   Deter negative thinking with positive examples and success stories of the power goal-directed, like-minded leadership holds.  Most of all, celebrate the lives of those who have put in a massive amount of work and sacrifice so that you can enjoy the rights and freedoms of today.

*The thoughts expressed in this post were inspired by my interpretation of the quotation noted above.  However, Crennar Bailey  should in no way be held responsible for the contents of this post.

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